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Wilson, Dana (1946-)
Shallow Streams, Deep Rivers for horn, violin, piano

Freely, dramatically - Strict time
With great warmth and intimacy
Slowly - with energy


Nov 18, 2007

Gail Williams, Horn
Joseph Genualdi, Viola
Alan Chow, Piano

Nov 19, 2007

Gail Williams, Horn
Joseph Genualdi, Viola
Alan Chow, Piano

WILSON-Shallow Streams, Deep Rivers

Composed in 2007.

Premiered on November 18, 2007 by the Chicago Chamber Musicians.

Dana Wilson writes of Shallow Streams, Deep Rivers, commissioned by Chicago Chamber Musicians co-founder Gail Williams:

"Life is an accumulation of thoughts and events wherein friendships deepen and widen over time. Since Shallow Streams, Deep Rivers was commissioned by the incredible hornist Gail Williams, in writing the piece I wanted to honor our friendship in some way. (This is the fourth work I've composed for Ms. Williams.) The piece begins with small but dramatic gestures, introducing the horn, violin and piano individually. Throughout each movement the instruments maintain their individuality, but, as the title suggests, gradually merge to create a greater sense of substance and meaning."

Program Notes written by Dana Wilson

Performance date: November 18 & 19, 2007

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